Thursday, August 10, 2006


A new challenge

I decided to write weblog in English although I'm a Japanese. I'm not a native English user, and I don't know whether I can make myself understood. However this is a kind of a chance to make my English skills better, so I want to hang out!

Then I'd like to introduce myself.

My friends call me Johnny or Jo2pA [jonipa], though I'm a Japanese. Of course, my real name isn't Johnny. I don't know why my friends call me Johnny.

I'm an university student, and I live in Kobe, a flourishing port town in Japan. I'm from Himeji city, a castle town neae Kobe.

I major in chamical science and engineering, especially applied physical chemistry.

I play the mandoloncello, and I'm belong to some mandolin orchestras.

Nice to meet you!

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